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How AI can help you improve your online sales

By 15 October, 2020 No Comments

Artifical Intelligence can help ecommerce businesses improve their customer experience through a series of tools. One of them is personalized recommendations.

A recommendation engine is a system that suggests products, services, information to users based on the analysis of data. Users don’t like wasting their time scrolling down all the product tables that are not filtered and classified. This is where the total look recommender comes into place. Thanks to Viume’s AI-based recommender system, the user is getting total look recommendations based on their personal characteristics and preferences.

The benefits of AI-based e-commerce product recommendations

A recommendation engine can significantly boost revenues, Click-Through Rates (CTRs), conversions, and other essential metrics. It can have positive effects on the user experience, thus translating to higher customer satisfaction and retention.


The primary purpose of AI-based e-commerce recommendation systems is to help you choose the right products to get in front of your shoppers. Everything is backed by real data on products they’ve previously liked or showed interest in so you’ll no longer have to guess what buyers might be looking for.

Real-time Data

The future of custom product recommendation systems will allow you to target new customer segments and be present everywhere. On social media, mobile apps, via email, and, of course, on your website.

Simultaneously, you’ll be able to promote your entire range of merchandise, including new items, and even record user behavior data as it happens. So if a niche product’s popularity suddenly soars overnight, you won’t have to wait until the next morning to update your recommendations because all this is done in real-time.

Marketing Automation

Record new data and customer reactions so you can reuse them for future campaigns.

Beyond this, we all know setting budgets is not the most exciting part of marketing. AI recommender systems allow marketing professionals to prioritize their spending according to how consumers will act. So you’re not putting your money where no one cares.

Better Customer Experience

As humans, we’re always looking to save time so we prefer to be shown what we like so we don’t have to do the search ourselves.

As a result, people are more likely to remember your brand and website if it once provided a good customer experience for them. This results in more loyal and recurrent buyers that can also recommend you to their peers.

Improved AOV

If you’ve been in the e-commerce business for a while now, you probably already have hundreds if not thousands of products in your shop. In fact, AI-driven methods for recommending products to customers work best when there’s more data to use.

Recommending the same things over and over again is clearly not going to improve the value of people’s carts since they’ve already seen those products, are not interested in them, or might not want to repurchase. Instead, you’re using your large database of products to always recommend new products that will appeal to their needs and wants.

This benefit, in particular, holds a higher value for e-commerce stores that offer free shipping. Your goal is to get a customer to buy as many things as possible once so you won’t have to pay several times for the shipping of the same number of items to one person.

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