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Viume’s Automated Product Tagging For Fashion E-commerce: Why To Implement It?

By 5 October, 2020 No Comments

Viume‘s automated product tagging eliminates manual product tagging. It understands fashion and organizes and tags product photos in the product catalog based on their characteristics, leveraging advanced AI algorithms.  Thanks to Deep Learning, the tagging process speeds up by these algorithms and becomes automated thus eliminating the need for human intervention. This is basically a process that generates metadata for catalog assets. It works in a way that it scans the image and detects features that are connected to particular keywords let’s say tags, such as color, length, material, and style.

Tag data created by Viume’s Automated Product Tagger can be used in various ways like optimizing search keyword, enhancing filter function, personalized catalog service and more.

Improved Product Catalog

Accurate product tags enable streamlined and well-organized backend product processes. Product catalog pictures with precise and accurate tags allow stores to track sales, discover the most searched products, find out and eliminate products that aren’t popular, and always have stocks under control. 

Automated tagging can organize products on different bases, for example according to design, style, color, lenght and other categories. You can add more tags from time to time so that the product catalog will always remain updated with fashion trends and updates. These tags seriously impact buying decisions and therefore bring deeper insights into attribute-level sales analytics. 

Incorporating an automatic tagging engine in the e-commerce store can improve the decisions managers make, as it allows them to have a better overview of the products from their online retail store. 

Search Keyword Optimization

Thanks to the Tagger, you will be creating soft and hard tags and enrich your product descriptions and search filters. Instead of only searching “jacket”, now the clients can search and find the exact product that they are looking for: e.g. “winter blue crop jean jacket”. This is a great way to boost the sales and increase the conversion of the online shop.

The Decrease in Shopping Cart Abandonment

One of the biggest reasons shoppers abandon the eCommerce shopping cart is related to price, or the unavailability of the item they want, or they may simply realize that they don’t want the product that they are looking at. Product tags are a common strategy that helps mitigate losses due to these issues by suggesting the shoppers from a great variety’ similar other products, cheaper products, or different product brands or related products to the customer. This gives the shoppers enough opportunity to choose from a great variety.

Increase AOV

What do retailers want? The goal is to keep the customer engaged in the website and make them make the purchase. Thanks to the automated product tagging, when the customer wants to check out, it can recommend other related products, or matching outfits so the client finally ends up buying more. For example, if the customer is looking for “evening dress”, in the check out they can find other items related to “evening”, like “evening shoes”, “evening bag”, etc.

If you are thinking about implementing Viume‘s Automated Product Tagging, book a demo now:

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