Iris Skrami From Renoon About the Change of Fashion Industry

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RENOON is the new first-to-market search engine to aggregate sustainable fashion at the product level, empowering users to find alternatives that match their values. RENOON’s mission is to allow consumers to buy consciously without compromising on style while protecting the planet. RENOON is currently online in the form of website and app available for download and use free of charge.

What do you do and why you took up your business?

Answer: About a year ago, I was searching for a “sustainable black cocktail dress” for the Christmas party at my previous company and I found myself in endless filtering, searching, tab opening, that I thought “there must be a better way to do this”. But how? That’s why Renoon was born. We are the first online app built on the basis of a data company helping brands, online retailers and second-hand platforms reach their sustainability-driven shopper. Getting in front of the online audience has become increasingly difficult for brands and the conscious niche is not an exception.

Through our technology we also help players in the fashion supply chain gather and make sense of data, helping them manage their resources better, thus accomplishing further our sustainability mission.

How do you think the fashion industry is changing?

Answer: Before the Coronavirus crisis, one of the main topics was digital transformation and how to adapt to this change in the market. Now it has become a matter of life or death and an immediate need to the life of businesses.

I believe a key important step is to go through the sustainability transformation.

What will not be the same after this situation?

Answer: We are getting more used to the digital and also realizing how only drastic changes affect our behavior. Companies have tried very hard to get used to the online and how long has the process taken? Just a few weeks in and the change was drastic. There are many theories of what will happen. From a disruption of supply chains to more transparency towards consumers.

How are you taking advantage of the current situation?

Answer: Currently we are helping both businesses and consumers navigate this situation. Thanks to our data, we can put decision makers back into the driver’s seat and help them gain important market knowledge of what is happening on the web. As we always say, if something is online it automatically becomes a source of information or a missed opportunity if not collected and acted upon.

We are also keeping the situation monitored in order to help consumers find sustainable options for their smart working needs.

How do you see yourself evolving after this big change?

Answer: Renoon is a young company being built from the ground up. This situation is making us stronger and ready for the future.

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