Founders of BigThinx Chandralika Hazarika and Shivang Desai About the Change in Fashion Industry

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About Bigthinx:

Bigthinx is a deep-tech startup specializing in Artificial Intelligence for fashion and retail.. Its software carries out a 3D body scan using only two photos from a smartphone to calculate 44 precise body measurements and body composition ratios with over 95% accuracy. Bigthinx’s neural networks create a personalized virtual avatar from these photos and also use AI to digitally recreate 3D clothing from any 2D image instantly to show how it would look, fit and drape as if in reality. The company is using these to cut e-commerce returns, enable digital try-ons, and carry out virtual photo-shoots and runway shows. Bigthinx has swept AI and Fashion awards globally and is backed by Startup Bootcamp and the Prada Group as one of the top eleven fashion-tech companies in the world.

Life-changing ideas are born by their eclectic mix of techies, designers, and creatives, and lovingly crafted into groundbreaking products that are accessible to every digitally connected person on the planet  

What do you do and why you took up your business?

Answer: We had first hand experiences buying products online and often receiving sizes that did not fit properly, even though they were the same size that fit perfectly in other brands. We realised quickly that the dimensions of a single size can vary significantly between brands and countries. That’s when we leveraged our experience with AI, gaming and virtualuzation to start Bigthinx. Bigthinx’s products use only 2 smartphone pictures to carry out a 3D body scan, determining 44 accurate body measurements, and create a virtual avatar that looks and measures exactly like you. You can use this avatar to virtually try on clothing when buying online and see exactly how it looks and fits, and find out exactly what size you need to buy. As a result, you get exactly what you see online and don’t need to return it.

How do you think the fashion industry is changing?

Answer: The fashion industry was already moving towards digitalization, but now with the coronavirus pandemic, this has accelerated rapidly. Every brand and retailer is moving towards digital solutions and we imagine that in a year from now, many processes in the fashion industry which were thought to require physical workforces will be taking place completely online.

What will not be the same after this situation?

Answer: The number of physical stores, the amount of inventory being carried, and the number staff will be much lower than before the coronavirus. Brands will need to find better, more efficient ways of doing business online, and this will result in big changes to their business models. By the time this situation is over, business models across the fashion industry will have permanently changed to become more efficient and leverage new technology.

How are you taking advantage of the current situation?

Answer: We see that the current situation has forced brands to move online. Online sales come with the costs of high returns and damaged products. Our technologies will help these businesses significantly reduce their costs related to product sizing and returns.

We are also developing a way for fashion models to virtualize themselves into avatars. Their avatars can then be used by brands for digital photoshoots that do not require any physical presence, and also largely cut the high costs of physical photoshoots.

How do you see yourself evolving after this big change?

Answer: After this change, we see our business models growing stronger and more agile, being able to quickly serve multiple markets without major technical changes. We also see ourselves maintaining our digital-first agenda and increasing the publicity around it to have brands around the world adopt cleaner, more efficient, and easier ways of doing business.

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