Claudia de la Riva from NannyFy About Digital Transformation

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Claudia de la Riva is the founder of NannyFy. In 2018, Claudia de la Riva was asked about the need to find a babysitter just over two hours in advance. When she couldn’t find an online platform that would fill that need and give her enough confidence to leave her daughter, she decided to create it herself.

How has this 360º turn been like? If you could classify the reinvention process that you had in 3 steps, what name would you give those steps?

Answer: Honestly, everything happened so fast. We started seeing everything going on in Italy, how they were closing schools and saw it was going to arrive to Spain, so we all sat down and analyze what we were going to do. We saw that parents would have to deal with their childs at home, that we were not going to be able to give phisical service with our nannys, so we decided, withouth A/B test or anything, to launch our E-activities.

I would classify the steps in

  • Think and analyze the situation
  • React
  • Adapt

How are you posing NannyFy? Are e-learnings here to stay ..? How will your strategy be?

Answer: To be honest, we are not thinking a lot in the future, we are trying to give service and adapt to the situation and move forward. We do not know how we are going to be in 3 months, and have no clue, so I think it does not make sense to try to understand how we are going to end up. It is true that the e-learning will definetely be another source of income, both in B2C and B2B, because many companies are already buying packages of those E-learnings for their employees, but a part fom that, we certainly do not know how everything will play out after this situation.

 In your roadmap do you plan to open physical nanny services?

Answer: I mean, at the moment we are already combining online with offline, since our service is given phisically, and to be honest, we haven’t thought or at least is not in my roadmap to open a sort of Kindergarten, but who knows, maybe in a couple months we see the potential and move forward with it. In our sector, when you are born digital, the retail and 100% offline part is completely different and requires different skills, so we are trying to stay the way we are at the moment.

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