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Get Your Personalized Style Guide

Get your image to be as you wish by going hand in hand with a stylist and fashion expert, with whom you will get all the advice to define and create the look and style you need.

Thanks to a personalized study and analysis you will connect with the image you want to transmit, learning your strengths and how to empower them through clothing.

Enjoy an experience that will make you infallible in your goal and give you the security of knowing how to create a good first impression. Get a personal makeover suitable for you.

What you will find in the style guide:

Part 1:

01/ Study and analysis of silhouette and proportions

02/ Clothes that fit you

03/ The accessories and fabrics that fit you

Part 2:

01/ Color palette

02/ How to use your colors

03/ How to enhance your eyes and your hair

Part 3:

01/ How to create your capsule collection