Monica Villacampa Gives Tips to Sales Managers

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We had an interview with Monica Villacampa to find out how she is handling the lockdown situation with her team and what tips she can give to the other sales managers.

How is your team working changing due to the current situation? The pros and cons of smart working. 3 tips for other managers.

  • Pros: save commute timings, force some companies to have future flexibility (WFH, Selling from home, Doing business from home) 
  • Cons: Time management (+ amount of calls, family is around, time management, don’t differ work & live impact the wellbeing)

Tips that I can give to other managers are the followings:

  • Take care of your people  – show empathy, keep them engaged (Daily huddle meetings, reduce meeting times, put them monthly challenges, virtual plays – initiative to keep the motivation)
  •  Business(Business calls during the morning – start earlier, work with tools that help productivity, be concise and clear giving messages – short and sweet)

Recovery plan, survival plan or disruption plan? What would you suggest to companies which have being affected the most by the current situation? 


Focus on relationship:

Relationship building — that’s what the old world of selling involved. Face-to-face selling was a requirement for success, especially in a B2B context. But now, sales reps are facing a different world.

Use technology: 

With data-driven insights being handled by artificial intelligence (AI), reps can easily identify the individuals and accounts with the greatest propensity to buy, freeing up their time to do things that can’t be automated

Collaboration across business units will become more critical.

How is the relation between VC and startups changing? New  approach and communication?

Startups are more dependent on VCs. They need to re-work on their business plans and find efficiency with their providers. It’s also important to take this time to prepare the business to come out from this situation stronger than before. 

  • Challenge the software that the company is using
  • Challenge the systems you are using – are this helping to work close functional efficiency
  • Automoticice data internally
  • Invest in your people (Webinars,

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