Gionata Galdenzi About the Opportunities in Retail Sector

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How will the personalization of the shopping experience help the fashion sector to be more human after this crisis?

Answer: The consumer expects signals from the fashion world, restarting on the right concepts and values such as solidarity and ecology, there are brands that had already started this process before and others that will have to do it after this * Covid19 period *. It will be a moment of restart that will start from the white color and the colors will gradually reappear as a neutral palette in which a new world will be drawn. From a scenario that was only hypothesized as * NIRVANA *, we got there in just over a month, that is, a model of company entirely connected internally and externally both suppliers and consumers. We will not see the result in the short but probably have earned several years in this direction. In the fashion password Customer Service and Personal Shopping with the aim of transmitting their values in an ever more in-depth relationship.

Three tips that you feel like giving to other ecommerce to turn a crisis into an opportunity? The three keywords that cannot be missing in 2021 in reference to future ecommerce trends

Answer: Digital– make sure that the company really thinks digitally and smartly

Investments– in technology, make sure that the budget for this item is not at the bottom of the list but at the beginning, which is the first topic of discussion,

Technology– guiding processes and solutions and not just thinking I need this and acquiring only the software/hardware, the key lies in creating the requirements and leading the game (eg virtual showroom). Everything exists, you just have to apply it

Recovery plan or innovation plan? Which stages of the supply chain will have the most significant impact on performance?

Answer: Surely it will take a more flexible supply chain, because before the times were no longer correct (even Armani in recent articles …), but the most fundamental asset will be IT, which will have the burden and honor to support the business in this disruptive evolution, it will have to be an intense and productive relationship, with its ups and downs but with the same goals (a bit like batman and robin, sherlock and holmes, artù and lancelotto).

To close, the speed the flexibility and the right values will make the difference together with the right technology

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