Claudia de la Riva and Coro Saldaña about eCommerce and Strategies of Digital Reinvention

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Last week we had the chance to have a quick conversation with industry leaders like Claudia de la Riva and Coro Saldaña.

Claudia de la Riva is the founder of NannyFy, a platform that connects trusted nannies with families. Due to the Covid-19 situation, they started offering online activities for the kids.

How has this 360º turn been like? If you could classify the reinvention process that you had in 3 steps, what name would you give to those steps?

Answer: Honestly, everything happened so fast. We started seeing everything going on in Italy, how they were closing schools and saw it was going to arrive in Spain, so we all sat down and analyze what we were going to do. We saw that parents would have to deal with their children at home, that we were not going to be able to give physical service with our nannies, so we decided, without A/B test or anything, to launch our E-activities.

I would classify the steps in

  • Think and analyze the situation
  • React
  • Adapt

How are you posing NannyFy? Are e-learnings here to stay? How will your strategy be?

Answer: To be honest, we are not thinking a lot in the future, we are trying to give service and adapt to the situation and move forward. We do not know how we are going to be in 3 months, and have no clue, so I think it does not make sense to try to understand how we are going to end up. It is true that the e-learning will definitely be another source of income, both in B2C and B2B, because many companies are already buying packages of those E-learnings for their employees, but a part from that, we certainly do not know how everything will play out after this situation.

Do you plan to open physical nanny services in your roadmap?

Answer: I mean, at the moment we are already combining online with offline, since our service is given physically, and to be honest, we haven’t thought or at least is not in my roadmap to open a sort of Kindergarten, but who knows, maybe in a couple of months we see the potential and move forward with it. In our sector, when you are born digital, the retail and 100% offline part is completely different and requires different skills, so we are trying to stay the way we are at the moment.

Our second guest speaker was Coro Saldaña, Fashion Practice Lead Iberia at Accenture Spain.

How do you think based on all the feedbacks of the brands you work with that this pandemic will affect fashion consumption? A couple of areas that are going to be transformed?

Answer: The way it will affect will be a new way of product consumption. We are already seeing exponential growth in digital transactions. So many people are actually buying online and I think that after this COVID-19 situation, the online channel weight will increase. So definitely, digital channels will see a transformation and have a greater impact on the total income of Brands.

There will be what I call a new COVID customer journey, where brands will need to understand and adapt to the new situation and think about all the steps the customer needs to go through before buying.

What will be the trend in retail in the new normal of CoronaVirus?

Answer: Clearly brands will need to adapt to new situations, they will need to rethink the experiential part of the stores. Brands have been working hard on offering the stores great customer experience and now, with all this situation they will need to make adjustments in order to keep this experience they were seeking for the best they can.

People wearing masks, probably having to make appointments to go to the stores, so other new services might come up.

Tell us 2 technologies or technology applications that you have seen in recent months that have made a difference to you and believe that they can truly improve the user experience at a digital level.

Answer: In general, I think solutions that allow complementing the tangibility of the product will be essential. In this category, technologies such as VR I think will play a big role. I have already seen solutions in jewelry that are quite accurate, and now, with all fear and sanitary restrictions, to be able to try the product form home will be a plus. Also, I think Virtual Reality can play a huge role in the physical stores since a lot of people will fear trying out clothes, and having the possibility to see them, and try them through an interactive mirror or VR might be a solution.

Artificial intelligence, from what I have seen will help with the product transaction. Helping with the sizes and fitting, and through advising by offering an AI personal shopper possibility might help the brands get the right interaction and user experience again.

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