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4 ways to boost your eCommerce SEO

Organic traffic is unlike any other marketing traffic source. Unlike paid traffic, increasing your visibility organically isn’t as simple as increasing your advertising budget.

Here you have 4 top tips to help you increase your site’s ranking potential. This should give you a baseline to review your site and identify where you should focus your efforts. the list can go longer and longer but this is just to help you get started with the whole SEO process.

1. Identify Opportunity Pockets

Identify opportunity pockets

The rankings on your site vary widely. Many categories and product terms likely rank well, while some are much deeper in the page listings within Google. Your core items probably drive the bull of your organic traffic, while lesser products have a hard time generating links.

Strategic eCommerce SEO teams will follow a daily process to review these rankings in order to isolate the categories and product detail pages that need improved content efforts. A tool like SEMRush gives you an updated view of your position in organic search, along with an estimate of how that positioning should translate into traffic.

2. Clean Up Your HTML

Clean up your HTML

HTML is the code and other elements within your web page that tells a customer’s browser how to display your content. Google also uses HTML to understand the context of the content and how it’s displayed to human visitors.

Without HTML, your customers would see either a blank screen or worse, a mass of illegible text. Title tags, meta descriptions, and headers all help people understand what your page is about and how to quickly find the information that is most relevant to them.

Google uses your HTML information to understand the relevance of your content. In fact, effective use of HTML is a ranking factor, as the easier it is for a crawler to determine what your content is about, the easier it likely is for users.

Review your HTML to make sure it isn’t outdated, bulky, or doing more harm than good. A few cuts could improve your eCommerce SEO while increasing your overall site speed.

3. Let Search Engines Read Reviews

Show your reviews

One way to attract new customers and increase your visibility is with unique, informative content on your product pages. If you have hundreds of product pages, you might have the bandwidth to constantly create new content. One option for developing a steady stream of new content is with product recommendations and reviews. Your customers submit reviews and serve as salespeople to convince others to convert.

Almost 90% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family members, which means a few reviews can go a long way to boost your conversion rate.

Highlighting these reviews on your site is great for users, but also for your eCommerce SEO efforts. Content-rich reviews provide fresh updates to your pages, something Google rewards, and enhance the context needed by crawlers to understand why they should show your product in a search result instead of one of your competitors. 

Unfortunately, some of the most popular product review tools display this rich, valuable content in a way search engines can’t read. With these tools, reviews are injected into your page via JavaScript and the actual review text is not present within the source code. While Google is getting better at understanding this complex coding, it’s not perfect. If search crawlers have difficulty understanding your JavaScript, then it will be ignored entirely.

When building out a review platform, choose one that embeds the review content directly into the HTML of your site. This guarantees that both users and search engines can read these endorsements, improving your long-tail keyword listing and increasing your qualified traffic leads.

4. Implement Automatic Product Tagging by Viume

Integrate Viume’s Automatic Product Tagging tool

Product catalog tagging is very crucial in eCommerce retail. The more relevant the keywords, tags are, the better the product searchability on Google. Viume’s Automatic Product Tagging easily recognizes the product in the image and automatically tags them with the most specific attributes and categories. The accurate product tags and categories help eCommerce platforms to improve their customers’ product search experience and thus optimize the SEO.

Want to know more about the solutions Viume can offer to your eCommerce? Contact us and we will do a free demo call for understanding your needs.

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