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45% of companies claimed their top priority was to improve customer experience. This objective was born out of the demand of 87% of consumers for brands to do a better job of offering an easy shopping experience. Customers are more demanding and have higher standards when it comes to online shopping. Here are 3 innovative ways in which eCommerce managers can create beneficial online platforms that boost up conversions.

1. Personalization is the key

What can be more irritating for a consumer than looking at irrelevant content? To make the experience better, companies are looking to add “personalization” to their websites. Doing this they tailor content based on a user’s particular personality, lifestyle. This is done by analyzing their search, click and browsing behavior. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Viume allows your eCommerce platform to be 100% customer-centric and have a 1-to-1 approach with your users. Through the Recommendation Engine, Viume helps users to find the best total looks according to their personal characteristics and preferences. By bringing product and user data together, the recommendation system is able to give your users exactly what they are looking for: eliminating product searches and avoiding products that do not suit your user. (Salesforce found that 57% of consumers are willing to share personal data in exchange for personalized offers. Similarly, 52% of consumers would share personal data in exchange for product recommendations, and 53% would do the same for personalized shopping experiences).

2. Visual Search

Visual Search is great to please your customers and make your work easier as a product/e-commerce manager. Just with one click they can upload the photo of the desired product in your eCommerce platform and get all the best results. As text-based product search is highly dependent on using the right combination of words and indexing all the words precisely, visual search can come to help when the clients are not sure how to describe the product with words.

Not only it is a real time-saver but also a great way to connect better with your clients.

3. Auto-tagging

The Automatic Product Tagging tool allows you to automatically tag thousands of products providing your company with powerful insights into your inventory and products. It also enriches your product features by giving more than 300 tags ramping SEO up and making your products easy to find. The more relevant tags an image has, the higher the likelihood of it appearing in specific search results from shoppers. Moreover, it saves up to 40h/week on manual tagging.

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