Are you planning a trip to Barcelona? Great choice! The sun, the beach, the sangria – we still fall in love with our home city every year! Now, before you pack an unnecessarily heavy bag, let us guide you through what to wear in Barcelona this summer! 

Now, most of this guide will be about how to blend in with the locals because – one, you don’t want to be misguided only because you look too touristy and two, you don’t want to be the highlight for the pickpockets patrolling the metro platforms and the tourist hotspots.

The Catalan way of life

When you do visit Barcelona, you will see pedestrians in all sorts of clothing – shorts, slit skirts, evening gowns – you name it, you have it. However, these are tourists and most of them are trying to get the prettiest snaps for the Gram.

Catalan and Spanish women, however, dress conservatively. They will not wear shorts or deep plunge necklines. This, however, is contrary to what you will see on the beach – think topless women sunbathing in string bikinis. But again, the Spanish love a good tan.

The Style

The locals wear comfortable cotton pants, long skirts or summer denims to cope with the summer sun. If you want to wear denims, please do not carry the thick ones that are appropriate for winter months. You can maybe buy a pair once you arrive! Try to stick to cotton or other breathable fabrics for upper wear.

You might also want to opt for nice summer jumpsuits / rompers or maxi dresses which will look great on the Gram and let your body breathe through the clothes, too. Here again, you can walk down the street and shop for nice summer dresses (white are quite reasonably priced).

From personal experience, we can tell you that when you are out on the Barca streets, one thing leads to another and you end up walking 6 to 8 kilometers on average during the day. So, we suggest comfortable shoes – white sneakers, sandals, epadrilles and in case you do not feel like yourself without heels, go for the blocks or wedges. BTW, even clubs do not expect you to show up in stilettos or high heels – decent shoes will suffice.

The colour

Catalans are into muted colours. White, peach, chrome, cobalt in the summers, darker shades during the winters. Carry a lot of whites to ward off the summer heat. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Include that floral dress, don’t leave that bright yellow top behind, a little glitter never hurt anybody!

For the evenings (the sun doesn’t go down until after 8 p.m.) you can opt for darker shades like burgundy, black and navy blue or add a little bling to your attire if you are in the mood to party.

The Accessories

Carry / buy a big summer hat and your favourite shades for the daytime. Avoid carrying bumbags. Yes, we know the Hadid sisters are all about it, but it is the tourist and the pickpockets have had great success stealing them. Carry small cute backpacks that you can wear in the front to keep your essentials from being stolen and yet not look like a hobo!

The nights are usually cooler and you might want to carry a jacket jacket in case the temperatures drop drastically (they do). Lastly, carry some jewelery that you can layer well and that compliments your evening outfit.

See you in Barcelona, ​​girl! <3

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