You have fought the battle hard, climbed the corporate ladder, broken the glass ceiling…now it’s time to take care of the armour. We bring to you 10 outfit tips to shine on the corporate floor! While we understand that your black blazer from grad school has brought you luck at job interviews and presentations, maybe it’s time to buy some more luck!


The shape

Let the curves show! While we are all in for the skaters and the box cuts on a casual day, for a corporate meeting, presentation, or party – let’s really get photo perfect! Do not be conscious of your size, you are perfect and we know it. Get yourself a well-suited body-con or a tailored silhouette and earn some authority on the floor.

Neckline matters! We want positive attention at business venues. Notched necklines and detailed collars help you stand out from the crowd and can make you more approachable. A deep V-neck (mind you, not too deep) can hep grab some attention, too. We say, go bold or go home!

Keep it simple! While the fashion industry is constantly pushing the corporate fashion boundaries, we suggest you to steer clear of the flares, ruffles, layers and tulles. You want to gain attention through your outfit, not for your outfit! 

The color

Use colour, always!  Colours like red, fuchsia, cobalt, or magenta usually give your image a little more oomph. Even adding only a pop of colour near your face (think statement earrings, bold scarves, an elegant neckpiece) wins every time. However, avoid prints. A bright solid is less likely to clash with your colleagues.

Do not give way to sweat glands.  Do not wear thick material unless you are absolutely sure you will be in a temperature controlled room. A sweaty face is not very inviting. Again, beware of sweat stains (read: silk or satin clothes), because let’s get real, we’ve all been there!

Steer clear of see-through.  See-throughs are all in at nightclubs and cocktail parties, but surely not at corporate events. Chiffon, cashmere, knits, linen-when thin or pale enough will sheer out under a bright beam. Test the transparency in advance using a makeshift spotlight at home or, better yet, ask someone to watch you when the sun shines. 

The extra

Put your best face on! Research shows that women who wear makeup are more successful in the corporate world than women who do not. We are not asking you for fake eyelashes or acrylic nails – but a neat hairdo, a touch of blush and your favorite lip shade can go a long way in making you more approachable.

No marks for extra fuss .  If it’s even a tiny bit complicated (ties, buckles, pleats), leave it at home. Your audience will get distracted. Stick to simple shapes and smooth lines.

Skip exaggerated accessories.  That armload of beloved bangles? Nope  The constant clinking and jingling may drive away from you. Also, ditch wraps, oversized scarves, hats, and dramatic eyeglass frames. Remember, you do not want to be too bold.

Walk in them with kindness. Everybody will tell you that nothing talks like the clanking of a pair of high stilettos. We agree. But, only wear them if you can walk in them (almost) flawlessly. Else, stick to block heels, wedges, belles. Function over fashion, this once. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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