We interviewed Vanesa y Trini, the owners of In a Trendy Town blog. They are two sisters in love with fashion. They write mostly about fashion, but they also have DIY videos. You can take a look at their blog and find out lots of interesting articles.

Read the short interview and get to know them better.

Describe your style in 3 words
Comfortable, elegant and trendy
How did you get your start in styling?
We had the idea one day while having lunch with friends. We wanted to start a blog with another friend because we liked more fashion and she like writing. In the end, our friend gave up and we stayed together two sisters. We learned a lot about social media, marketing, photography, and here we are: our blog is 6 years old.
What you think is a must have for this season?
Something mint.
What do you think about Spanish fashion?
There is a lot of talent and haute couture, although sometimes it is very little recognized. But our tradition of quality sewing and tailoring cannot be discussed and Spanish fashion is seen in the highest spheres, such as royalty.
Why did you decide to collaborate with Viume?
We learned about Viume during an event and we loved the idea of receiving surprise outfits. It gives us the motivation to create more original looks that maybe never crossed our minds.


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