How would you describe yourself in three words? 

Our styles are very different. One of us likes being always well dressed, always trendy, choosing carefully every outfit. Another likes dressing very basic with a white T-shirt, a pair of trousers and some accessories. The three words that could describe us all together would be: basic, versatile and detailed. We know what fits us more and we try to get the most out of it.

Tell us about your brand. What is its philosophy?

The versatility. We love that a garment can be used for different occasions. The brand was born with that premise. We wanted our clothes to be used with jeans for everyday use and in the same way with heels, with an evening bag for going out to an event.
The blouses are very different from each other, we do not have a defined pattern line, they all have something that in our opinion makes them exclusive and different.

Which garment do you consider a «must-have» for this season?

A blouse, of course. It is a «basic» piece in any wardrobe.

What do you think about Spanish fashion?

Every time we like Spanish fashion more and more. Spain is a country with different climates, personalities, and ideals. This allows us to enjoy a wide range of colors, fabrics, styles.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Viume?

Viume is a very cool initiative that goes beyond the online shop. Today our jobs do not allow us to dedicate time to ourselves. It’s amazing to think that there is a team behind Viume studying our fashion tastes and preferences and sending us matching clothes right at our door. You stay with what you like and return the rest. Another reason is that Blussa reaches customers who still do not know the brand through this initiative.

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