How would you describe yourself in three words? 

Classic, elegant, comfortable.

Tell us about your brand. What is its philosophy?

We are a brand of man clothing where the classic gets mixed with the actual one. We work with classic patterns because we believe they never go out of style. We reinterpret them to create current garments made with the best fabrics. The secret of our garments lies in the quality of the fabrics. We search among the best houses to find those designs, whether classic or avant-garde, that makes you feel good, comfortable, unique and special. Our garments are made in local workshops in Spain and Portugal, where every detail is taken care of in the manufacturing process to ensure an optimal result in each of our products.

Which garment do you consider a «must-have» for this season?

Our Navy Parca Técnica. Due to the technical materials that compose it and its construction made with the latest cutting-edge technologies (heat sealing, laser cutting …), it offers a combination of quality, comfort, lightness and unrivaled thermal qualities.

What do you think about Spanish fashion?

Historically Spain has always been a country where the textile industry has been very present. We have great designers and recognized brands to international level, which we can say are setting trends. All of this textile journey has generated a great manufacturing industry with a great quality that offers a wide range of local factories and workshops with which we particularly love to work. It allows us to maintain a close and direct relationship with the artisans, whose involvement is key in the production process of our garments.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Viume?

From the first day, we felt identified with Viume both for the project itself and for its way of doing things. They offer a service that gives the solution to the problem that the majority of the society currently faces. Since each time the lack of time is greater, consequently the difficulty of finding a moment to go shopping increases. In addition, Viume helps us bring our brand closer to potential customers.

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