Why did you decide to become a Home Organizer?

When I was a kid I always wanted to become an interior designer, but I ended up starting a career in the Parisian fashion world. After having worked for a while in the film industry in Italy too, I started to ask myself, where will my career go next, what do I actually want to do? My first thought was, I want to be my own boss. The second thought was, I love anything design related and I have a gift for being very good at organizing and finding solutions. So, I came across this job title, Professional Organizer, that I have never heard of before, and just thought, these two words sum me up perfectly. And that’s how Mai Lifestyle was born.

Professional Organizers are very in demand in the US and there is also a big trend coming from Japan with the famous Marie Kondo. In Europe, it is not very known yet so I would like to make this service become more popular!

What does home styling mean?

In my service, home styling means that I restyle your place by reorganizing your existing belongings in a way that will make it look much nicer aesthetically. And not only the exposed objects, but also the things that are hidden in a closet or cupboard. It’s all about finding the right balance in how to display the objects and to give each object a dedicated place. In that way, your home will not only look better, but you will also find your belongings more easily. And as a result, it should also improve your lifestyle. Many people don’t think of it, but a harmonious and organized home has a positive impact on your life.

What is the biggest challenge?

Finding the right organization for smaller spaces.

What do you like most about your job?

Mai Lifestyle is a very personal service, I always meet new clients, it’s a challenge and at the same time a pleasure getting to know them and finding solutions for their different needs. And of course, I love how every intervention is a new adventure in a new home.

How will technology change the relationship with our homes in your opinion?

Nowadays, people don’t have enough time for many things, unfortunately. I think technology helps us being more efficient in many tasks of our daily life. For instance, you can control your home remotely. However, there are things that can’t be replaced by technology, like all the creative services.

How do you imagine the perfect closet?

Every closet should reflect the person’s character, may it be minimal and basic or full of colors and extravagant pieces. As for me, my personal perfect closet is the one, where you only have the pieces that you really appreciate and that make you look fabulous. Everything else should be removed, it will make you feel better, trust me! 🙂

What do you think of  Viume, the new online personal shopper service?

I think you should expand it to other cities in Europe, I love the innovative concept of your service!


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